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At Odoo Experience 2019 conference,  Odoo announced a new module for E-Learning, a new revised version of odoo slides module with the launch of  Odoo 13.0. the new Odoo eLearning module introduced a set of standard functions for creating courses, managing and assessing learning online. The module include learning gamification to allow learners to earn points and badges while attending courses. 

Odoo eLearning module can be implemented for corporate training as well as for educational institutes for quick and immediate solution.  Odoo eLearning can be considered as a basic learning management system (LMS) and it can integrated with other advanced systems. 

Odoo is providing the full suite of  odoo ERP including all modules free for educational institutes to be used for education. As an ERP system it is being used at many business schools for teaching the topics of Accounting Courses, Human Resource Management courses, Marketing and Social Media Marketing courses, Supply Change Management courses, eCommerce courses, website design courses, in addition to other courses related to business management and administration. 

Some of the the new features of Odoo E-learning V.13 are:

  • Build a multi lessons course

  • Show the number of course views

  • Introduced ‘Karma Points’ 

  • Add assessment and quizzes in each lesson

  • Collect points for the quiz as per the number of attempts

  • Enhanced Leader-board

  • Listing achievements

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