Nutritionist Industry Training Program (NITP)

22 أكتوبر, 2021 03:00 إلى 21 نوفمبر, 2021 07:00 (America/Toronto)

Markham, كندا

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Business Analyst Industry Training Program (BAITP)

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 Industry Training Program (NITP)


Nutritionist Industry Training Program (NITP)

* Four Weeks

* Intensive Training Positions

* Fully Remote | Any Country

* Flexible part-time | 10 working hrs/week


About the training program

We believe that education and practical industry training should be together more responsive to real market needs. Yet we are still noticing a growing need for undergraduates and fresh graduates to get appropriate business training and a good opportunity to be part of the business world, work on real industry tasks and projects, and practically learn how things work in the labor market. Because of that, SchemaZone has decided to partner with Reach Academy and work closely together to allow undergraduates and fresh graduates to have this valuable opportunity through this program. The program aims at enabling the participants to work on real business projects, get proper guidance, and learn practical concepts rather than just theoretical concepts.

 Practice Focus Areas 

Through real projects at our company

Introduction to the field of Nutrition

This program aims to set the basics for the entrants into the nutrition field providing a clear definition and description of what nutrition is, debunking common myths regarding diets nowadays. It introduces the main framework registered dieticians use in order to guide the nutrition process starting with the nutrition assessment, nutrition diagnosis, nutrition intervention, and nutrition monitoring and evaluation.

Perform a complete nutrition assessment

This one-month program will enable the trainees to perform a thorough and complete nutrition assessment following its basics. It will also provide them with real-life situations requiring a nutrition assessment in order to properly apply the steps introduced in theory. Moreover, this step in the Nutrition Care Process requires the most critical analysis and thinking to set the stage for a successful nutrition intervention provision.

Apply proper nutrition interventions in different fields including weight management, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and renal diseases

Throughout the program, the trainee will be able to get a clear idea about the different aspects of nutrition interventions done for the major chronic conditions in society. It will enable them to utilize what is learned for its application in their daily lives for themselves and also for people around them.

Recognize the importance of nutrition therapy as part of disease treatment

Throughout the one-month program, the trainees will recognize the importance of the application of proper nutrition interventions and the importance of critical analysis and personal judgment in the application of nutrition therapy in disease treatment.

Meal Planning

The major take-home message the trainees will be able to take home following this intensive one-month program is the ability of diet analysis. They will develop the skill of analyzing diets that are given or presented to them, and the skill of planning a meal from scratch following a client’s or a patient’s assessment. They will be able to plan meals for healthy and also diabetic, renal, and cardiac disease patients as well as modify original diets according to medical status.

Effective communication with clients and patients

Through the different projects presented to the trainees, they will be able to note the skills needed for effective communication with clients/patients as well as identify major difficulties that are encountered while dealing with them, and what are the best ways to overcome such challenges.

In cooperation with "SchemaZone" & "Reach Academy, the program includes:

* Working on real business tasks/projects for our company

* Close supervision & orientation from your mentor

* Lectures are given by experienced professionals

* Have your work criticized, assessed, and corrected

* Two to three working hours per day, Monday through Friday (flexible time)

* Fully remote positions given access through our online tools & platforms

* Unlocking your potentials and getting prepared to be hired right away

* Internship equivalent to 1 credit hour of a university course (American System)


What gains & benefits will you get?

  1. Priority to be selected for full-time/part-time employment opportunities at SchemaZone or any of its sister companies
  2. Practicum training certificate from Reach Academy (Canadian Academy based in Toronto)
  3. Internship certificate from SchemaZone (Canadian Company based in Toronto)
  4. Reference letter from your direct internship manager
  5. Professional business training, guidance & experience
  6. Professional project experience to put on your CV
  7. Potential access to additional HR programs and benefits
  8. Official invitation letter to visit our office in Canada
  9. Discounted rates on services provided by our partners for immigration, study, and visitor applications to Canad

Syllabus and program calendar

The training internship program consists of four cycles. Each cycle is one week. At the beginning of the week, you will be introduced to certain concepts and projects which you will have to apply, implement, and work on during the week along with your focus team and/or individually. At the end of the week, you will have to present your work to all the members, and your work will be assessed, discussed, and evaluated by your direct manager.


You should attend at least 90% of the whole program to be eligible for receiving the two certificates and the reference letter

Absence without valid excuse should count for no more than 10% of the whole program

 Fees and payments

The program fee is $299 USD only

 Documents you should submit

  • Registration Form (filled and signed). Contact us to get it.

  • Updated CV

  • Copy of any government-issued identification (ID)

  • Digital photo of yourself

About SchemaZone

A consulting, training, and contracting firm,  head quartered right in the heart of Canada's business and financial capital, Toronto. We are a success-driven firm that provides management advisory and contracting services customized to help companies from different industries solve business management problems and/or run, lead, and manage their complex projects and initiatives. We have begun from scratch when a network of professionals, Ph.D. holders, and highly skilled personnel bring to a business table their 15+ practical and academic years of experience to form up a concrete blueprint on which the company has been designed. Since late 2017, we offer a combination of expertise, proficiency, and commitment leveraging our deep industry experience along with using analytical rigor to drive outstanding results for businesses. We proudly provide top class consulting, training, and contracting services for a wide range of industries inside and outside Canada. Well-equipped team, advanced tools, and modern methodologies are some of what we perfectly utilize to offer our clients what makes them the best in their fields.


About Reach Academy

Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill, master a trade, or gain a leg-up in a particular industry If so, then Reach Academy might be for you. Designed specifically to enhance your marketability and viability in your field of work, we partner with several individual companies so that you receive real-world experience in your particular field while supplementing those experiences with theoretical studies. Reach Academy offers internships, training programs, and individual academic courses for anyone, regardless of whether you're an undergraduate or a seasoned professional. We offer courses ranging from advanced content writing, web development, and graphic design, all the way to human recourse training, marketing, and business administration.


Reach Academy
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From 22 أكتوبر, 2021 03:00
To 21 نوفمبر, 2021 07:00



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