Requirements Gathering Questionnaire

Do you manage leads?

How do you generate leads? ( new customers)

Describe your normal sales process

How do you take sales orders?

Do you allow for discounts?

How does your products pricing vary?

Do you use coupons?

Do you sell products in multiple unites of measure?

Do you sell in multiple currencies?

Do you send a lot of sales quotations?

What is your purchase process

How many vendors you currently have?

Are your products Made to Order?

Do you manage the inventory level?

Do you manage shipping of your products?

Do you dropship your products (from vendor to customer)?

Do you mange serial number for your products?

Do you mange lot numbers for your products?

Do you add shipping costs to orders?

Do you use FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL?

Do you have multiple warehouses?

Do you buy and sell in multiple unites of measure?

How many accountants in your company?

What is your default currency?

Do you invoice before or after you ship products?

Are you planning print check from odoo?(only English)

Do you manage cost centers? Explain

Explain your manufacturing process. (short)

Do you want to track the time spent on each work order?

Do you take care of machine maintenance?

Do you have quality check?