How to Install Odoo 3rd Party Apps?

On-premise | Cloud | Servers

You can get odoo apps from the odoo apps store or you can download it from other sources like When you get the app you will get the full source code which you will need to install on your odoo server. There are three types of odoo servers that allows your to install 3rd party application. ( note that you can't install 3rd party apps on odoo Online ( SaaS) server). 

  • Local Server

  • On-premise Server

  • server 

After downloading the application file, usually in .zip, .tar, or  .tar.gz format. You will need to copy /transfer the files into the /addons folder in your odoo server.  then, restart the Odoo server.  You have to restart the odoo service that we are using, we can simply use following command:

sudo service odoo-server restart

Finally, login to your odoo as admin, update the Apps list (with debug mode), then the new app will be listed and ready to install. 

Installing apps on

When you create an odoo instant /project using, it will automatically create a GitHub repository in your GitHub account. 

To install a 3rd party odoo app on server, you need to commit the app (module) to the repository, after committing the module, go back to home page to find the new build, where you can click the connect button to open the database, and then install the module from the apps menu.