Ubuntu Terminal Shortcuts

Learn useful Ubuntu shortcut to sharpen your linux skills

Ctrl + Shift + T

Open new tab on current terminal
Ctrl + Shift + W

Close the current tab
Ctrl + A

Move cursor to beginning of line
Ctrl + E

Move cursor to end of line
Ctrl + U

Clears the entire current line
Ctrl + K

Clears the command from the cursor right
Ctrl + W

Delete the word before the cursor
Ctrl + R

Allows you to search your history for commands matching what you have typed
Ctrl + C

Kill the current process
Ctrl + Z

Suspend the current process by sending the signal SIGSTOP
Ctrl + L

Clears the terminal output
Alt + F

Move forward one word
Alt + B

Move backward one word
Ctrl + Shift + C

Copy the highlighted command to the clipboard
Ctrl + Shift + V or Shift + Insert

Paste the contents of the clipboard
Up/Down Arrow keys

To scroll through your command history, allowing you to quickly execute the same command multiple times

Used to complete the command you are typing. If more than one command is possible, you can press it multiple times to scroll through the possible completions. If a very wide number of commands are possible, it can output a list of all possible completions.