Odoo's Success Secrets

Whay odoo ERP is so successful?

from odoo news 

People think Odoo's success is merely due to our product. In reality, our product is just the consequence; the cause is good execution, supported by strong company culture. At first, it was a matter of survival; because of our open-source business model, we had to sell our product for a fraction of the price of the market  What started as a necessity became one of our key competitive advantages.

Our priority is to improve the value customers get for their money. Everything else is time wasted and should be reduced to the bare minimum. So, we have limited hierarchies, have hardly any meetings, no controlling department, no purchasing process, no legal department, no outbound sales, no technical sales, no budget by departments, very few KPIs, etc. Our time is better spent improving our product and services.

Most software vendors who have to deal with large companies are organized to maximize revenues: complex pricing policies that are negotiated case-by-case, pre-sales teams to increase the number of meetings, technical sales teams to answer to RFPs, upsell techniques hidden in complex pricing strategies, legal departments to negotiate contract terms, etc... At Odoo, we do the opposite; we focus on decreasing these overhead activities. Spending less time in these non-valuable activities will translate to fewer costs which ultimately allows us to keep our prices low.

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