Successful ERP System Implementation

ERP Consulting Goals

Implementing an ERP system for your business or organization is much more than installing a new software. It more like deciding to go into surgery in case you are solving business problems. To successfully implement your selected ERP system, and managing the change from the AS-IS state into the TO-BE state,  we start with two important components, system analysis and system design.

System Analysis [AS-IS]

Aims to understand the business objectives, and current as-is business processes. Reviewing the details of the current business system, finding the improvment opportunities, and defining the desirable new system, will help designing the new system. 

In System Analysis stage,  Fraxnet consultants will gather all business information required through meeting with department's managers, reviewing current business documemnts in order to define the scope of the project and how the new system will be utilized in the best way. 

System design [TO-BE]

Aims to document a close veiw of the the system to be implemented. Defining the list of sought features, users roles and functions, process re-engineering to make sure the goals of the system changes is set to achieve the goals of improving productivity, and utilizing the new system. 

The System Design stage  keeps in mind the project scope and schedule to stay within budget and time frame. genuine for the rest.