Why do you need a CRM system?

Customer Relationship Management

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By Firas Mahmoud ( Senior Business Analyst) 

Article Version 1.0    Last update: June 26, 2019

The answer is obvious, to sustain your business, to beat competitors, to increase profit, to grow your business. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a concept is the business process or business behavior you do in order to generate leads, develop a customer base and maintain it to maximize your sales, cash flow, and profit. CRM is a business function that your organization already practices from day one but maintained by your sales team and customer service team, in their brains, manual notebooks, Excel sheets, Outlook emails. That is, managed with luck, with no real-time information, no reports, no analysis, just random CRM, basically with high risk.

With the introduction of information technology to business, it brought great advantages to automate CRM and reach new levels in customer's relationship benefits.  Think of the advantages was gained when accounting systems became computerized. The concept of accounting is recording all financial transactions generated in the business, which allowed reporting, audit, analysis of business financial performance. But what about the most important function of any business, Communication with customers?! shouldn't you record all business communications in order to improve your business performance? Yes, we do but we couldn't do that before computer systems.   At FRAXNET we define CRM systems is the accounting system for business communication.

The application of information technology for this purpose resulted in the development of CRM systems. A CRM System is a business software that automates the CRM functions from lead generating to sales and marketing. CRM software solution provides real-time data on lead behavior and demographics allowing organizations to personalize their communication with leads and customers. When integrating ERP system with CRM functionality it enables businesses to maximize the benefits of their ERP. Improving the customer experience is a common reason organizations implement software solutions.

So, if you want to stay in business you need to understand your customer's needs and behavior fast and accurate, and the only way is to implement a smart CRM system. 

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