CRM Workshop - Free Software

10/30/2021 12:00 to 10/30/2021 16:30 (Asia/Dubai)

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CRM Workshop

Boost your sales with CRM Technology 


Get Free Software


CRM Workshop

Join this workshop and get Absolutely Free* CRM Odoo software.  Limited seats. 



This workshop is a practical guide for sales managers and business leaders to discover how to optimize the efficiency of your sales process using software and automation! We will show how CRM tools can help you gain insights on the performance of your sales team, reduce the time of your sales cycle, and empower your team to get more work done in less time!

In this workshop you will learn about

  • Timing - When does it make sense to adopt a CRM (or switch to a new one)
  • Criteria - How to select the right software for your team's evolving needs
  • Action - How to get started with something today for free
  • Sales Reps - Best practices for using a CRM day to day (or training your sales team)
  • Management - Best practices for CRM oversight & reporting 
  • Value - Understanding how to drive actionable insights with a CRM tool

workshop pass includes: 

  • 4 hours training seminar with demos and own account setup.

  • Free software licenses for unlimited users or time.


This workshop is designed for Sales teams manager and business owners interested in expanding their knowledge of software tools and applying best practices into their business. We will use Zoom for the online session.

Note: Registration is required to attend the workshop, click the link above to reserve your seminar pass.

* conditions apply:  You can have unlimited users and time to use the software as long as you don't install extra apps and you don't stop using the system for 3 months. 

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Online Event


From 10/30/2021 12:00
To 10/30/2021 16:30



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