Machine Learning Bootcamp

12/19/2020 03:00 to 12/20/2020 07:00 (America/Toronto)

Markham, Canada

Data Analysis

Online Bootcamp


About the Machine Learning Bootcamp

We believe that theoretical education and industry training should be together more responsive to the real market needs. In this two-day Machine Learning crash bootcamp, these areas will be covered:

Day One

 Introduction to Machine Learning

Theoretical Session

Starting our bootcamp with an insightful explanation of what machine learning is, what kind of problems it’s suitable for, and the concepts that are basic knowledge to every machine learning enthusiast.

 Introduction to Python, Tensorflow, and Keras

Theoretical Session

Python is the language of choice when it comes to training Machine Learning models as it provides us with very convenient tools and huge community support including hundreds of resources. Along with Python, the framework of choice for this bootcamp is Tensorflow with Keras interface. Keras is an interface defined apart from Tensorflow that lists certain specs making ML easy and fun to work in, which is later implemented by Tensorflow.

 Application on Training Datasets

Practical Session

To put what we just learnt into works, we will work together on a number of different problems to get a good grasp on the tools in hand.

Day Two

Deep into Pandas and Numpy

Theoretical Session

Whenever we’re dealing with ML we are dealing with data. Pandas and Numpy are amazing utilities that provide us with a clean interface to read, view, and manipulate structured data which is later on used to feed Tensorflow models.

Deep into Tensorflow

Theoretical Session

Tensorflow provides us with a plethora of layers

that are fit to different problems and scenarios. At

this stage we will discuss each of those layers, how

they function, and where to use them according to

the problem.

 Application on real datasets

Practical Session

Now that we know how to tackle problems with

Python, Pandas, and Tensorflow, it’s just about time

to start working on solving ML problems needed by

Rise Holding Group.

What gains & benefits will you get?

Participants receive the best possible practical training in two days. This is the foundation of this Bootcamp. Some of the benefits that you will gain from this practical Bootcamp are listed below.

  1. Priority to be selected for the relative project-based job at SchemaZone or its sister companies
  2. Official invitation letter to visit our office in Toronto which you can use to obtain a visa to Canada (for abroad participants)
  3. Bootcamp training certificate from Reach Academy (Canadian academy based in Toronto)
  4. Reference/recommendation letter from D Cubed Analytics (Canadian company based in Vancouver)
  5. Working on real business tasks/projects for D Cubed Analytics or other companies
  6. Lectures/presentations given by experienced industry professionals
  7. Supervision and orientation from your mentor
  8. Having your work criticized, assessed, and corrected
  9. The total hours of this boot camp are eight hours (four hours per day)
  10. Fully remote with access to online tools and platforms
  11. Unlocking your potentials and getting you prepared for your next level in data analysis
  12. Professional business training, guidance, and experience
  13. Professional project experience to put on your CV
  14. Possibility to get access to additional HR programs and benefits
  15. Discounted rates on services provided by our partners for immigration, study, and visitor applications to Canada

About D Cubed Analytics

Healthcare Leaders need help in making data-driven decisions. D Cubed Analytics has a team of experts who understand the Healthcare data and create dashboards that automate data collection & provide real-time insights on project performance. The following list speaks to a summary of the different services we provide our clients with.

 Custom Interactive Dashboards

Developing interactive dashboards that help in understanding past performance and forecast future project outcomes

 Automate Data Collection

Saving time on pulling exports from disjointed systems and automating this process to provide real-time status updates on project KPIs

 Consolidate Data from Multiple Sources

Creating a centralized model that joins data from multiple sources

 Real-time Performance Tracking

Empowering teams by having access to real-time data that helps them track project performance in real-time

About Reach Academy

Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill, master a trade, or gain a leg-up in a particular industry If so, then Reach Academy might be for you. Designed specifically to enhance your own marketability and viability in your field of work, we partner with a number of individual companies so that you receive real-world experience in your particular field while supplementing those experiences with theoretical studies. Reach Academy offers internships, industry training programs, workshops, boot camps, webinars, and individual academic courses for anyone, regardless of whether you are an undergraduate or a seasoned professional. We offer courses ranging from advanced content writing, web development, and graphic design, all the way to human resource training, marketing, and business administration.

Our Markham Office

This Bootcamp is fully online and participants will attend remotely from any place. Yet, for future events, you can choose to attend remotely (online, from your place) or on-site at our office in Markham, Ontario, Canada (see below pictures). If you decide to travel to Canada from abroad to attend a program, our team will guide you through the whole process including documents for your visa application (if re quired),
accommodation, arrival, departure, etc.

Syllabus and Program Calendar

This two-day Bootcamp consists of a total of 8 hours; 4 hours each day. Below you can find the program calendar.


  1. You should attend at least 90% of the whole Bootcamp in order to be eligible for receiving the certificate and the reference letter
  2. Absence without valid excuse should count for nomore than 10% of the whole Bootcamp

Fees and Payments

  1. Bootcamp fee is $119 USD only. If you are a resident of Lebanon and you want to pay cash, kindly use the conversion rate of your central bank, and contact us to guide you through the cash payment process.
  2. Accepted payment methods:


  1. Seats are limited and are reserved for accepted applicants on a first register first get basis.
  2. To officially secure a seat, kindly register and proceed with the payment.

Documents you need to submit

  1. Digital photo of yourself
  2. Your CV

Contact Information


Reach Academy
Ontario 199 Steelcase Rd W,
    Markham ON L3R 2MR


From 12/19/2020 03:00
To 12/20/2020 07:00


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