Sales Specialist Industry Training Program – SSITP

10/22/2021 03:00 to 11/21/2021 07:00 (America/Toronto)

Markham, Canada

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* Four Weeks

* Intensive Training Positions

* Fully Remote | Any Country

* Flexible part-time | 10 working hrs/week


About the training program

We believe that theoretical education and industry training should be together more responsive to real market needs. Yet we are still noticing a growing need for undergraduates and fresh graduates to get appropriate business training and a good opportunity to be part of the business world, work on real industry tasks and projects, and practically learn how things work in the labor market. Because of that, SchemaZone has decided to partner with Reach Academy and work closely together to allow undergraduates and fresh graduates to have this valuable opportunity through this program. The program aims at enabling the participants to work on real business projects, get proper guidance, and learn practical concepts rather than just theoretical concepts.

The program consists of four projects. Each project will be introduced at the beginning of the week and worked on during the week. On Friday, the work will be assessed.

Fees and payments

The program fee is $299 USD only to be paid in advance.  

Practice Focus Areas

Principles, Environment, and Organizational Background

In this one-month Sales Specialist industry training program you will work on picking up the

essentials of core sales principles, different environments, and the organizational behavior of

consumers and organizations. You will practically work on defining the characteristics of a thriving

salesperson, the importance of effective prospecting, and behavior from both consumers and


Techniques, Tools, and Technicalities

The techniques and tools of the modern salesperson can often define a representative’s success. For

example, knowing the typical length of a buyer’s decision-making process will give you an idea of

how short or long the sales cycle will be. You will work on the techniques such as sales channels,

which will outline the different ways a B2B organization sends its product to market. These topics,

along with defining sales technicalities, like the traits of modern selling and prospecting, will be

covered in this training program.

Behaviors, Characters, and Characteristics

As a sales specialist, you will need knowledge of the different customer archetypes if you want to

effectively adapt to a variety of sales situations. In this section, you will practice how to be an expert

in handling the unique behaviors of several personality types. This is just one of the many characteristics of a successful salesperson, alongside knowledge of effective communication,

questioning techniques, and customer relationship management.

Teams, Communications, and Software

Sales and marketing teams typically communicate differently, and the software needs differ as well.

Successful salespeople know the relationship between sales and marketing perfectly and are

experts in effective communication with both internal teams and clients. As for software, the use of

a CRM is a good example, as it is possibly the most common tool for sales teams to keep track of

leads and ensure that effective prospecting of new clients takes place. This is another area that you

will be trained on in this program.

Strategies, Plans, and Processes

Sales may appear to have a broad scope, but the strategies and processes of sales organizations are

unique in their goals, functions, and processes. For example, marketing is largely an inbound

strategy dependent on customers responding to adverts. Conversely, sales is primarily outbound,

meaning the business reaches out to clients or consumers to sell directly to them, often through the

traditional process of cold-calling. This area will bring light to the areas of prospecting, qualifying,

sales planning, e-commerce efforts, and much more.

Sales in Action

Knowing the steppingstones to achieve sales goals is a critical component in developing a sales

action plan. For instance, having monthly goals for your e-commerce efforts will show you what

changes need to be made month-to-month. Does lead generation need to improve? Maybe sales are

up, but customer experience with account managers has been lacking. In this section, you will see

the results of viable sales efforts in real action.

What gains and benefits will you get?

Participants receive the best possible practical training with prospects of a job. This is the foundation of the whole program. Some of the benefits you will gain from this training industry program are listed below.

  1. Priority to be selected for full-time, part-time, or contractor position at SchemaZone or any of its sister companies

  2. Get an official invitation letter to visit our office in Toronto which you may use to obtain a visa to Canada

  3. Accredited industry training certificate from Reach Academy (Canadian Academy based in Toronto)

  4. Internship certificate from SchemaZone (Canadian Company based in Toronto)

  5. Reference/recommendation letter from your direct manager during the internship

  6. Working on real business tasks/projects for SchemaZone and/or its sister companies

  7. Lectures/presentations given by experienced industry professionals

  8. Close supervision and orientation from a mentor

  9. Having your work criticized, assessed, and corrected.

Schedule & Timing

  1. An average of two  to three working hours per day, Monday through Friday (flexible timing)

  2. Fully remote positions with access to online tools and platforms

  3. Expect to secure your next job position in less than a month, based on previous trainees’ records in Canada, UAE, and other countries

  4. Hours comparable to one credit hour of a university course

  5. Professional business training, guidance, and experience

  6. Professional projects experience to put on your CV

  7. Discounted rates on services provided by our partners for immigration to Canada, study, and visitor visa applications 


Reach Academy
Ontario 199 Steelcase Rd W,
    Markham ON L3R 2MR


From 10/22/2021 03:00
To 11/21/2021 07:00



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