Pharmacy POS & ERP

Specialized pharmaceutical Point of Sale and ERP 

The most advanced software for pharmacy chain management systems in the Middle East 

Pharmacy ERP

Advanced Pharmaceutical Management System

Manage and control your pharmacy business with advanced solution that include POS, Inventory, Regulations and reporting. 

We, at FRAXNET, understand the obstacles you face because we are pharmacists ourselves. Our pharmacy ERP to help you see the bigger picture of your business and seize the room for development.

It is a unified and multi-functional software that allows you to manage your retail pharmacy organizations through one comprehensive ERP system.

No matter what is the size of your pharmaceutical business, Fraxnet will help you handle the most complicated situations with more accuracy and transparency.


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Pharmacy ERP Provides

Point of Sales (POS)

advanced multi branch cloud based and mobile ready 

Digital Inventory

live inventory translations & stock status at all location 


full financial management system 

Revenue Management

live view of current revenue 


automated purchase replenishment 


customer relationship management 

Pharmacy ERP Features

You will get 

Accurate Information

In order to create an extensive business strategy, you need to have sufficient and real time information that will help you form a strong planning. Our pharmacy management system will help you gather deep data to start make better-informed decisions and cut potential losses.

Reduce Errors

Manual tasks and paper work increase the chances of errors as employees might lose concentration when handling multiple tasks at a time. By digitizing your pharmacy management, you successfully limit these mistakes and shortcomings by giving time to focus on real work, while leaving routine tasks to the system.

Top Security Standards

Pharmacy ERP will help you control who can view, access, or modify the pharmacy’s data which gives you full control over the pharmacy operations. Incorporated with encryption, cloud-based capabilities, electronic storage, our pharmacy management system is ready to keep your business secure and protected from any attempts of theft.

SAAS - Cloud Based

Minimum implementation cost and time, reduces business risk that maximize your system success. easy to start and stop the service anytime.

All Pharmacy Operations Under Your Fingertip

With our solution, you can maintain all the pharmacy operations and data in one system that you can access whenever and wherever you want with few clicks.

24/7 Support

Whenever you need assistance regarding  Pharmacy ERP  system, you will find our customer support in your help 24/7. We seek to provide the best and fastest customer care to make pharmacy management easier and hassle-free.

Our Pharmacy ERP  is your powerful and easy-to-use pharmacy management system to increase your profitability and protect your business. With its multi-functional features, you can organize and have full control over the pharmacy operations from one comprehensive system.


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