1 Day – your solution.

It is time to digitize your production!

from Germany  to your factory!

Your benefits at a glance

Savingssave time and money and invest just one day

Reality: check the Use Cases on-site incl. acceptance test

Fixed Price: You do not owe us anything after the POC!

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Learn about Sinfosy IoT products

Take action today                                  

√ Let us know your preferred date of the meeting contact us today!

√ Describe  your business needs  to our specialist during a brief phone call

√ Get your personal live demo, workshop, use case calculation, and individual consultation with our specialists during the POC on-site!

Experience one of SINFOSY‘s solutions in your company - live!

                     POC - on the spot!

    SINFOSY POC (“Proof of Concept“) is your possibility to get your use cases checked in YOUR production facility!

    One solution in a real setup

    One solution in a real setup will give you the certainty that our solutions help you with your challenges.

    We bring everything along

    Hardware, Software and an experienced consultant to use your time most effectively!

     The Opportunity Outcome

    At the end of the day, you will know which use cases  save you real money and how to proceed.

            What is the POC?

            Proof of Concept
            • Pre-consultation & selection of use cases

            • Discussing your use case on site

            • Implementing hardware and evaluation by you and  your team - live, on-site 

            • Use case Calculation 

            • Documentation