Odoo Client Survey


Dear Client, please let us learn about your business and your needs. This survey aims to collect the initial information that will help both of us understand the scope of the project and provide the best root for a solution that fulfills your expectations. 

Please take your time to answer all the questions.  

Customer Business Name:

Customer Address (Location):

Client business and workflow/process:

How many locations (HQ, retails, office, etc…):

Number of employees:

Departments that will use Odoo:

Number of users :

List the Apps:

Legacy system (List what the client currently using eg. Excel, Pen and Paper, or any other software):

What are the pain points faced by customer:

Why are they considering changing the system?

Which gaps will Odoo fill and how will it be used by the customer?



Mobile Number:

Role in the company:

Agreed upon implementation phases of this project:

Implementation Time Plan (How long will this project take to go live):

Payment terms with customer (Not revenue, Only percentages):

Hosting (SaaS, Paas(SH), or On-premise):

Standard Out of the box modules:

Development work (Which modules, any third-party apps):

Are there any risks with the client or the implementation?

Is the opportunity added in your portal (CRM shared with Account Manager)?

Have you signed a contract with the customer?

When he is expected to close the deal with Odoo?

Please provide any information you like to share: