How to Manage Your Business During Coronavirus Outbreak

Supporting business to cope with Covid-19 lockdown time

The business world after corona virus pandemic will never be the same, some economic experts says. We as business consultants at FRAXNET always aimed to help SMEs and business owners to utilize the resources they have by implanting the right technology to improve their business opportunities. 

Here we provide a simple guide to help you keep your business healthy

Use CRM to keep your customers engaged with you 

keep attracting new leads, keep current and provide support to your customers. Customer Relationship management is your business hero at this time. It will be your bank of opportunities and new customers. 

Build your business presence online, or empower it if you have one.

Most people are online now, get them to know your business and increase your market share  with advanced website strategies. Out-reach to new business opportunities and increase your business network. 

Activate your virtual office to keep your employees productive 

Keep your employees engaged, motivate, and make value of their time using the widely available communication and virtual office technology tools . provide support and guidance to them. 

Overall, to successfully check out this minimalist business survival list at the current crisis time, you need to plan well and fast, engage your key employees and train all of them, understand and keep your eyes on current and future risks, as well as on the opportunities. Stay update to date with what is happening world wide and in your community. 

Ask us we are welling to provide you with help you need and provide free consulting services at this time from our virtual offices in Dubai, Toronto, Amman, and Claefirnia. We hope this international experience will lead to a better world. 

We can help your build your Tech arsenal and set of tools to keep you going and prepare for the coming business economy uncertainty. contact us or try one of our prefered solutions like Odoo business suite. 

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