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Odoo 12 out standing feature Odoo DMS

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   Odoo ERP version 12 ( Released Oct 2018) introduced a new document management module (DMS), in addition to its default document attaching feature that allows addaching any tyoe of documents to any object in odoo. The new module adds a true DMS features that was long waited for. With Odoo DMS powerful seach you can find any document in the system regadless to its type and its source. The seach is impowered by the Odoo useful tagging system which help categorizing the documents and classifing it by folder, and each folder can be assigned different access groups.

As a true DMS or eDMS it provides a real workflows for documents, that includes validating a document, sharing documents and folders, even to outside users just like google drive and OneDrive docuemnt sharing links, which can be set to time limits. As all other odoo modules, the standard functions of Odoo Chatter, create and assigning tasks to users, followers, and task managment beomes very useful too.

Odoo DMS autmatically index the content of documents to inhance text search inside in the documents. In addition it offers Odoo OCR, the optical character recognition feature which is fast emerging, that allows to scan for example supplier invoices and to automatically read it to fill odoo forms fields.