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Instagram and Facebook Shop Guide


Start Your Online Instagram & Facebook Shops and Sell Directly to Consumers

How to open Facebook Instagram Shop?

The News: 

May 2020 Facebook launched Facebook Shops, as well as Instagram Shops, a free online storefront for business owners of small businesses to sell their products online. Zuckerberg announcement aims, as he said, to help small businesses struggling with lock-down at coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) and to bring them an opportunity to survive at the online marketplace. 

In Nutshell 

  • Just like Etsy, you can list your items on a facebook page and Instagram 

  • Your customers can purchase directly from the shops 

  • Facebook will NOT Charge any fees for selling not listing on the business pages. 

  • This service will be available for selected markets 

  • Engage with your customers via Whatsapp, and FB  Messenger

  • Deploy your storefront across all Facebook owned apps.

  • You need a business account 

  • You sell physical products  

What are Facebook Shops?

It a storefront tool (think Etsy, ebay, Amazon),  where any company can set up a single online storefront with its products, which will be available both on Facebook and Instagram.

And it is FREE! Facebook will not charge for listing the products nor it will charge for the transactions (like Etsy, Amazon...etc)

How to enable it?

To create such a store, the business will need to add their products manually or uploading, then customize the appearance of the online store such as colors and cover photos.  

Users will be able to see such stores on the business pages of companies, either in stories or in advertising. In the store itself, they will be able to view products, save selected items and then place an order (the order will be formed on the company’s website if it doesn’t have a Facebook checkout configured for the USA).

 In the future, Facebook intends to integrate the loyalty programs of registered stores so that users can track their points and rewards through social networks.

While with Facebook Shop page you don't even need to have any existing eCommerce website, But the advantage to have your own online store is that you have a full insights and direct customer relation with your customers, in addition to full control of inventory, accounting, sales when you integrate Facebook shop pages with your ERP and own eCommerce store like Odoo ERP eStore, and NetSuite.

Facebook Shop page you will be able to:

  • add any number of physical products,

  • categories and organize your products into collections,

  • communicate directly with your customers through Facebook family products  Massenger, Whatsapp, Instagram

  • View statistics on your sales, visits, and more,

  • Show your products in Facebook Marketplace, giving you access to a much larger base of potential customers.

How to set up a Facebook Store?

Follow these steps  for setting up a Facebook store:

  1. Go to your Facebook Page and configure the Shop page.

  2. Set up your shop details.

  3. Configure your payments.

  4. Add a products to your Facebook store.

  5. Managing your orders. 

The requirements to build a Facebook Shop page?

Here's what you need before you can begin:

  • A Facebook account

  • A Facebook business page 

  • Sell physical items – this means there's no way to sell digital or downloadable products from your Facebook Shop page

  • Agree with Facebook's Merchant Terms

  • Link to a valid bank account , and a tax identification number only for US-based stores.

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