Odoo Training

Odom Training courses are categorized in two main titles, functional and technical.  FRAXNET experts will provide with knowldge and practical skills you need to run your business using odoo technology. We offer standard pre-designed courses and customized programs. 

Functional Training 

The Functional Training aims to provide the understanding of functional processes and how to use odoo for different business needs. it will help you to utilize odoo apps in the daily work. The course will help you configure and set odoo to best work for your business.

 Requirements :

  • Good understanding of business process,

  • Good computer skills

Technical Training 

The Technical Training aims to provide the knowledge and skills of the Odoo development process. Technical training is designed for developers and professionals who want to learn more about development concepts and architecture to develop new Odoo modules. 

Requirements :

  • Python programming language,

  • Setting development environment

  • functional knowledge of Odoo

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