HG Business Information System Requirements


The goals of this survey 

The purpose of this survey is to allow the consultants to learn and understand the business and the system requirements related to your company. This information will help us to evaluate the current business system status and provide our advice to solve system problems, improve business processes and enhance the business operations by utilizing information technology. 

All information you provide is considered confidential and belongs to your company.

Kindly answer all the survey questions to the best of your knowledge. 

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Business industry :

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What products / services does the company provide? ( in brief)

Number of employees?

Number of system users:

Number of vendors:

Number of customers

Number of Products:

Number of company warehouses:

How big is your company's IT department?

In which department do you work?

How many employees report to you ?

What is your gender?

What is your age group?

How many years of experience do you have in your job field?

What is your job title?

What is your primary responsibility?

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What are the current information systems ( softwares) used in your department? ( list all)

What are the current ERP modules you use?

How many ERP system users in the department?

What are the current system problems you have?

What are the system functions you miss from the current system?

Do your department need training for the ERP?

The current ERP system has the following characteristics:

Strongly disagreeDisagreeUndecidedAgreeStrongly agree
User friendly
Easy to learn
Meets my requirements
The system is stable
System availability

Describe the organization's ERP System implementation experience

Describe the ERP System go-live experience

What do you think about the ERP after go-live?

How would you describe the current status of the ERP System

What problem/s do you face in your day-to-day work?

Why do you think the reason for this problem/s?

How do you workaround the problem/s?

How would you ideally like to solve the problem/s?

Select the core business functions needed in the sytem:

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